A state election last year was tied, so the winner was selected by drawing names out of a hat. Literally. Many of the 2018 midterm elections will be too close to call, and YOUR vote could be the decider.

Your vote matters. Take 2 minutes and request an absentee ballot.


Is voting by absentee common?

Yes! In fact, 57.5 million people voted early in the 2016 election, making up 2 in every 5 ballots. And, according to a Northwestern study, out-of-state college students prefer voting absentee 2:1

Does my state require an excuse to vote absentee?

27 states and the District of Columbia offer no-excuse absentee voting. You can find out whether or not your state requires an excuse.

Will requesting an absentee ballot also register me to vote?

Nope! Registering to vote and requesting an absentee ballot are two separate processes. Before you request an absentee ballot, make sure you're actually registered to vote.

Are absentee ballots actually counted?

Absentee ballots are counted in every election.

When will my ballot arrive in the mail?

It depends on your county, but ballots usually arrive quickly. In some counties, your ballot will arrive 1-2 days of your application being received.

What is my state's deadline to send in an absentee ballot request?

Each state has its own deadline for sending in an absentee ballot request. The earliest suggested deadline out of all states is one month before Election Day, whereas other states have a deadline within the same week of Election Day.

When do I have to send in my ballot?

Each state has its own deadlines for when absentee ballots should be sent in. If the deadline is too close to mail, you can drop off your ballot in-person.

If my state requires an excuse, what is a valid excuse?

Each state has its own rules for what constitutes a valid excuse. All states allow students who attend college out of their home county to vote absentee.